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Three great reasons to switch to HQAA HME Accreditation:

1. Coaches

When you switch to HQAA, you switch from going it alone to getting
help from an experienced accreditation coach.

"With a coach, you are not alone."
- Charisse Corneaux, 

2. Online Workroom

When you switch to HQAA, you switch from mountains of paperwork
to a streamlined, paperless online process.

"The Workroom allows you to go through the policies at your own pace and know exactly where you're at."
- Rusty Church, 

3. ACT Service

When you switch to HQAA, you switch from scrambling to update your standards between accreditation periods, to maintaining them at your own pace.

"I really love the ACT Service. It's self-explanatory and very helpful.
It's been a godsend to us at Waltz Pharmacy."
- K. Manning,